My thoughts on Exterior

This is not the house I pictured when I thought of my dream home.  I am more drawn to traditional looks.  I like the Tudor or stone look.  I like peaked roofs and turrets.  I was not surprised with the look of the exterior after we decided on the interior.  I like the layout of the interior although even that is not what I envision for my dream home.  It is I think going to be an amazing home that I will enjoy living in.  I have decided that it is more important to have the interior be what I like as I will spend more time there than looking at the outside.

I can always make sure my craft cabin has a peaked roof.  Although Steve has said it needs to be the same as the main house.  I am going to have a zen type garden behind it so maybe I will make it have an Asian spin and have the peaked roofs like in China.  He also keeps trying to design it but I am not going to let him mess with what I have in my head.  Of course as I learned during the process of doing the house Dave may change my mind for me with his suggestions.

Preliminary external elevations.

We met with the architects just before we left for Hawaii.  They have created updated internal floor plans and have created preliminary external elevation drawings.  I will share them below with some brief comment on changes.

Main Floor

snip - main floor


Only minor changes to the main floor.  Orientation of the garage has swung 90 degrees.  Entrance has been protruded to provide a grander entrance area wrapped in stone.  The orientation of the powder room and coat closet at front have changed.  Deck has been added.  Small changed to size of guest room.  Bay window added to the Den.

Upper Floor

snip - second floor


Reading room made a bit bigger and up higher.  Closet rearranged.

Lower Floor

snip - lower floor


Exercise room enclosed.   Au Pair room closet moved out.

North Facing Elevation – Facing the road

snip - north elevation

This is facing the house from the driveway, towards the main entrance.  You can now see the side of the garage from this perspective and not the front.  The small tower looking room is the reading room off of the Master Bedroom.

West Facing Elevation – Facing the pond and field

snip - west elevation


Looking back at the house from the pond and field.  On the main floor you are looking into the great room, dining room and kitchen.  On the lower floor you are looking into the rec room.  On the top floor you are looking into the Master Bedroom and Reading Room.

East Facing Elevation – Facing the garage from the back of the lot

snip - east elevation

This is the looking from the back of the property through the garage, as if it was invisible, but don’t worry the garage won’t be invisible.  Looking into the bay window in the Den and Ainsley’s Bedroom on the second floor.

South Facing Elevation – facing the house from the side road, near the lamas.

snip - south elevation

Looking at the garage, stairwell and Zoe’s Bedroom on the second floor.

Christina wasn’t very happy with the exterior as she was hoping for more of a tradition look and this is much more modern than I think she would have preferred.

Let us know what you think.