My thoughts on Exterior

This is not the house I pictured when I thought of my dream home.  I am more drawn to traditional looks.  I like the Tudor or stone look.  I like peaked roofs and turrets.  I was not surprised with the look of the exterior after we decided on the interior.  I like the layout of the interior although even that is not what I envision for my dream home.  It is I think going to be an amazing home that I will enjoy living in.  I have decided that it is more important to have the interior be what I like as I will spend more time there than looking at the outside.

I can always make sure my craft cabin has a peaked roof.  Although Steve has said it needs to be the same as the main house.  I am going to have a zen type garden behind it so maybe I will make it have an Asian spin and have the peaked roofs like in China.  He also keeps trying to design it but I am not going to let him mess with what I have in my head.  Of course as I learned during the process of doing the house Dave may change my mind for me with his suggestions.

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