Quick update on permits.

I wanted to provide a quick update, so you know we haven’t fallen off the grid.  Things are moving very slowly right now.

We filed papers with King County to finalize our critical area designation.  As you might recall from previous blog posts we have gone back and forth with the wetland consultants on how much of the property will end up with a wetland designation.   We started with a belief that a large portion of the property was going to be designated as wetlands, which would have meant we would be quite constrained on where we could build.  Then we ended up during the final feasibility with a much more conservative view of the wetlands designation, this meant much less constraint on where we could build.   We waited until the property was quite dry before submitting the final report from the consultant.  The process involves us paying for a county approved consultant to draft a report, which is submitted to the county for review and hopefully approval.  We submitted the final report about two months ago and were surprised that the consultant found no wetlands on the property.

So we have been quite hopeful that we would get a speedy approval from the county.  Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case.  We heard back from the county and they want to have a meeting with the consultant on the property next week to review a number of items.  Hopefully shortly after that we will hear back.

In the meantime we are reviewing a draft proposal on the home automation system and preliminary bids on the construction from builders tomorrow.  This will give us a better sense of how close to budget we are on the current design and will provide insight into the builder that will allow us to short-list a few builders for a final proposal.


We are currently working with two builders to get preliminary bids:

Bender Custom Construction – http://www.bendercustom.com/index.html

Lanzinger Construction – strangely these guys don’t have their own web-site

And the home automation company we have been talking to is:

Madrona Digital – http://www.madronadigital.com/


I’ve also attached a copy of the questionnaire we will use (supplied by our design firm) to interview the contractors – Contractor Interview Questions

We should have updates on home automation, construction bids and county permitting shortly.


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