The building process

We seem to have finally settled on a plan for the new house.  Now we just have to get the fine details sorted then submit them for permitting.  At the last meeting we were told that by the end of the year we should have the plans in for permitting.  Then we will be waiting again for 8-12 weeks for the plans to be approved.  Hopefully they are approved without any problems or that time will be even longer.  We are now thinking that we will be in the new house around Summer of 2015.

One of our first celebrations will probably be Ainsley’s 6th birthday. Depending on finish date we may have an open house before then so everyone can come join us and see what we have been talking about and what choices we have made.

Soon we will be working more on the finishes such as exterior, flooring, cabinets, counters, fixtures, and many other things.  We were kind of on a roll there but as the time has dragged our minds keep changing.  We recently discussed concrete floors.  We did decide against them but we have talked about many floors.  I think in the end we will end up with wood in most areas.  The cabinets started as likely a medium wood colour but I am now leaning towards a grey or black cabinet.  I think the over all colour scheme will be kind of a natural grey and blue.  Although I have to say I have also considered making the kitchen kind of green to match my kitchen aide mixer.  I am not sure that would be the best idea.

We have told the kids they can have whatever colour room they want and Ainsley wants pink and purple and Zoe wants orange and aquamarine.  We will see what they think closer to the move in date.  Zoe will be 10 by the time we move in and Ainsley will be almost 6.

My craft cabin has now become half craft cabin half man cave.  Basically a building with one side mine and one side Steve’s.  The sides will be separate but will share a bathroom.  Maybe a small kitchen too.  I want a little oven and maybe a fridge so I can make chocolates there if I want.  My side will be full of craft stuff and Steve’s full of electronic gizmos and gaming stuff.  I am not sure that the kids will ever see us lol.  That will probably be opening in 2016.  Should be pretty simple to make and not too complicated of a plan.  Of course Steve could come up with a crazy plan.

We are also hoping to find a way to keep the levels in the pond even because it is currently very low in the summer.  I am thinking Bubba (our big catfish) and his friends will be happy to have more water to swim in.  We also are going to put a little duck house out so the duck that did live in our condemned ferry can come back and enjoy the pond.

I think in the new year my interest and excitement will pick up again about this project.  I am sure it will have times of crazy activity then times of very slow progress.  I know that I have two more Christmases before I can get a big tree for our living room.  I am looking forward to that.  Maybe next year I will convince Steve to go to Hawaii for Christmas again.  One relaxing beach Christmas before our many at home ones.

Ok enough for now.  Maybe Steve will put our new plans up on the site for everyone to look at.