Craft Cabin/Man Cave

We have finished the design and gotten the estimated budget for this out building. After meeting with architect and the builder and seeing the cost I think they have a different vision than I do.

My vision is of a a space that is very utilitarian with durable but inexpensive storage and work surfaces. I was picturing storage like you see in schools and an Ikea type kitchen. They were thinking custom cabinets and kitchen similar but a bit lower in quality than the main house. I went online to research the type of cabinetry I would like and found exactly what I was thinking online. It is a site that sells school furniture and they seem to sell to the public as well so that is awesome. I also went to the Ikea website and saw kitchen stuff I liked. I found science tables that could be pushed together to make the size of work surface I wanted for an island type thing. This would also be handy because I could move and reconfigure them if I wanted too. They would also be heat resistant and durable. All of the stuff I wanted came out to about %20 of their estimated cost maybe a bit less for cabinetry.

I am not sure they will be happy with my thoughts or wants but I am the person who this space is for so I think I should get the most input as to what and how it is configured.

The cost of this undertaking with the house and this building is higher than we were expecting and will stretch our budget greatly. We would not want to build a great house and put lower finishes in it so it will be harder to cut corners and save money on the house but I definitely think I have some ideas that will work to cut a good chunk out of the other building. Now I just have to get everyone else on board with me.

Wish me luck on this. We are getting close to the permitting stage and are now working on when and what to start building. We may start with the outbuilding then move to the house. Then we will be able to enjoy our property sooner as there will be a bathroom and Steve and I will be able to use our areas for meetings, fun, and work.

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