What is happening with the house now

So we have finished the design process for the house and the craft cabin/man cave.  Now the architects are working on the engineering drawings that will be submitted for permitting.  We are hoping they will be in by the end of the month.  Then we will once again be waiting 8-12 weeks for the approval.  I am hoping there are no issues with our plans because it has taken 10 months to get to this point and I am ready to be done with this part.

The property is back to the way it looked when we bought it. The apple tree that was bursting with apples is once again bare and dead looking.  I thought it was dead because I have not gardening skills whatsoever.  The pond is the highest we have ever seen it and was clear but is now a bright green from the reflection of the evergreens and bamboo around it.  Once it goes down a little it should be crystal clear again.  We are going to find a way to keep the level of the pond up through the summer months as well as the rainy time.  A few branches have fallen from the trees in the big wind storms but nothing too bad.  We will need to have an arbourist come look at them and take off any dangerous branches.  Although the wind has probably blown most down.

We go to the property regularly to check on things and clean out the mailbox. Here is some of the adventures and mysteries we have had.  In the summer we met the neighbours across from us with the Lamas and a man who lives up the hill.  Another day the people right next to us that share the most fence line with us just wandered over to fish in the pond.  They had been told to come over anytime by the previous owner but that was the day they decided to take up the offer.  They knew it had been sold but did not know we were there.  A couple days later a large outdoor sink went missing and a couple other small things have gone. As this is an out of the way area it is very likely someone who lives in the area and it would of taken a couple people and a lot of effort to get the sink out.  I have suspicions on who it was but no proof.  We did not want the sink but I am annoyed that people feel they have the right to take something or come on the property without our knowledge or permission.  There have been hoof prints so we know horses visit our property.  We found a dog toy in the middle of the field just over a week ago.  This weekend on the way out I said to Steve I would like to surprise someone who has wandered onto the property without permission.  Then we did there was a guy and his friend there.  The guy lives across the back road from us and had his dog with him.  Dog toy mystery solved.  Apparently his dog likes to play in the pond.

I am sure once we start construction they will all be coming out and looky looing I hope they are not helping themselves to materials.  The bandit has left the items we left in the garage alone even though we know they have been in there because the door is often open and it has to be hip checked to get open.  We will be fixing the fence and have a gate once we are done so that should stop the random visitors from dropping in to use the pond when they choose.  Our one neighbour has a pool I wonder if we could just wander into their yard with our suits and towels in the summer and go for a dip.  Take advantage of the sharing of property rules.

All of the people we have met have seemed like nice people time will tell I guess.  I am trying to relax about everything after all we are going to be building a house there and will be living by them for some time.  Also the construction is bound to cause some annoyance for the neighbours with noise, trucks, and other things so best to keep on their good side so they are not complaining to us or the county about things.

I am sure once the permits are approved Steve and I will both be writing more about what is happening.


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