Waiting Again

Well the permits have now been submitted and we are once again waiting for approval, edits, or rejection.  We have met with a landscape architect to discuss the gardens and pond.  We are going to completely change the look of the pond.  The current broken concrete slab wall around it is not pretty and is starting to collapse.  We may not have to completely drain it, which is good news for all of the catfish living in the pond.  It is going to be a big project and I am really nervous about the cost that will be involved.  Maybe Steve will have to sell a kidney I would but I am already down one. lol

I also told the architect of the house and the landscape guy which tree was my favourite on the property.  I am quite concerned about the huge maple tree that will be very close to the house.  I think I may lose it.  Good news the small Japanese Maple in front of the house currently on the property can be relocated easily.  I am trying to save as many of the trees on the property as possible.  Most of the large trees will be staying a few of the small ones will be relocated.  We have a few that are not looking good or were planted way too close together so they will be coming out.  I think we will be able to use the wood for our fire pit and maybe use some for mulch for the other garden areas.  I will be less upset about them coming down if we can use the tree for something else and don’t just huck it.  it will also save us some money on materials.

We are also now having to think more about the materials we want for the house.  I am considering reclaimed wood for the floors.  The outside I am thinking about maybe metal or something that will be easy to maintain.  We will have mostly hard surface floors in the house with carpet only likely in areas above the garage.

I am looking forward to Spring 2016 which is the likely finish date for this home.  The craft cabin/man cave and quiet garden will be phased in after.  We are also considering a play set, sports court, and trampoline to go in the yard but they are not high on the list at the moment.  I think after the house and the pond it will be awhile for us to get the other stuff done.

The landscape architect found this critter in the trees.