2015 the Year we start building

Our architects met in person with the final person who needs to approve our permits.  We have not heard back about how it went.  Maybe it was so bad they are waiting to tell us so we can enjoy the last day of 2014.  Or perhaps they required a human sacrifice and the Dave will never be heard from again.  We have a demolition permit now but are waiting because we can not demo the foundations just the buildings.  Fingers crossed everything is set to go next month before we leave for Arizona.  Steve would be very disappointed not to be able to take a whack at the building.

We will start our site meetings on Tuesdays in the New Year as well.  Hopefully things will start moving along without too many problems once the final approval is given.  After tomorrow night we can say our house will be ready next year.  I am guessing maybe May 2016.  Maybe we should start a pool and people can guess when they think it will be done.

We have been going to the property to check on it.  The pond has almost overflowed and Steve has been unclogging the out pipe.  Our trees have fared very in all the wind.  There has been hardly and branches down and most have not been that big.  The pond is crystal clear right now but all the fish are hunkered down in the mud at the bottom.

So in the New Year there should be more updates and some photos of all the fun of building our home.

Landscaping draft plans

We have a first set of draft landscaping plans based on the great work of Mark at Project Ground Work. We started working with Mark about a month ago and he will be helping with landscape design and project management.

As Chris mentioned in the last post we are planning on phasing the landscape execution. Phase one will include all of the work to rebuild the pond and to landscape the driveway and front of the house. Phase two will be to put in the formal & kitchen gardens as part of building out the extension building for Chris’ craft cabin and my office/work shop. The final phase will be to bring the outer edge of the property back to its original natural state.


Mark Graff – Project Groundwork

Still Waiting

Well our November 1st ground breaking date has come and gone.  Still we are waiting on the permits.  They have been approved by most of the departments but the person in charge of drainage is known to be a bit of a curmudgeon.  He had 3 pages of notes before he had even looked at the site plans.  He did not look at the plans because they were not submitted in the 11×7 format he will accept.  All other departments had no problems.  We are now adding a ditch for drainage because it will be easier and faster than getting an signed easement agreement from the neighbour.  Currently the run off from the pond leaves the property via a pipe that comes out at the property line into what is now a small creek on the neighbours property.  In the summer it is empty because the pond level is low.

We have met with a landscape architect and he has shown us some amazing plans for the property.  There is a formal garden, vegetable garden, sports court, play area, path that is almost exactly 1/4 mile around the property, fire pit, expansion of the pond, several little seating nooks, and a plan to make the under side of the forested area more natural again.  This will all be done in phases.  Steve was excited when he saw the plans I loved them but immediately thought about how much that would cost.  I guess that is why we will do it in phases.  The formal garden and vegetable gardens will go in when the craft cabin/man cave go in.  The sport court and play area will be later.  We will probably gradually bring the forested area back to a more natural state as well.  I am also hoping to do some screening along the shared fence line with one of our neighbours.  The horse and the llamas I don’t mind but the shirtless old guy mowing the lawn I could do without.

We are trying to get everything in place so when the permits come through we can get started.  We have to get a person in to take care of some asbestos that is in the house on the site now before we do demo.  That can be done now so we will be ready to knock everything down and tear out the odd cement water feature that has not worked for years.

We are still thinking finish for the house will be 2016 but it will be a bit later in the year than we were hoping.  We were hoping for February or March and now it may be May or June.  So maybe we will be having great bbqs and summer parties at our new place in 2016.  The craft cabin/man cave should be done sometime in 2017 then I will be having girls craft time a lot.  Steve will probably be hiding in his area alone or maybe he will invite one or two friends to join him.  I am also thinking that in Christmas 2016 we will have a Christmas party and I will be doing an ornament exchange.  I will have lots of room.

Will keep everyone up to date.  Maybe Steve will post some of the plans for everyone to check out.