Time to Knock some buildings down

Well this Thursday we finally get to knock down some buildings.  We have a demolition permit so we are going to start.  We will be going to watch it start and take some photos.  Steve is hoping to get to take the first whack at the buildings.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that there is no rain that morning so we can watch comfortably from a distance.  I plan to sit in my Adirondack chair with my tea and watch them fall.  Steve is also setting a camera up that will take pictures at intervals so we can track the progress of the house.  At the end of the process he can make a high speed video showing it all come together.

This time next year we should be at the finishing stages.  We are now 2 months behind when we thought our start date would be so finish has gone from January 2016 to probably March 2016.  We will have to have a big house warming when we get in.  Zoe will likely be 11 and Ainsley will be 6 when we move in.  It seems like it is so far away right now.  I am thinking once we start going it will at times seem like it is moving super fast.  Especially when we have to make final decisions on things like flooring, cabinets, doors, and everything else.

Also sorry to all that will likely see lots of posts about my house progress this year but it will be the huge thing going on for us.  That and Zoe with horse shows. Oh also our niece Danielle getting married.  Weill be a busy and fun year.

There has been a person out sick for two weeks so things have been slowed down while people took up slack at the office.  Hopefully they are well soon.

I have hoping that by the time we are back from AZ all the permits are in place and the excavation can start or has started.

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