Framing has started

We are well into framing now.  This phase will be done by the end of August or sooner.  The framers are scheduled to finish about a month ahead of what we expected.  It is nice to finally have something be done early.  I am hoping we can take advantage of this time savings and get things moving so it is done a bit earlier.  End of May next year would be great.

We have meetings on site every Tuesday and talk about progress and which things need to be done next.  I am experiencing a bit of frustration with the speed at which our architect is doing things.  I know he has built many homes and has a method to his madness but I would like to see things move along a little faster.  I wonder why we did not meet to figure out lighting, electrical, plumbing and maybe some of the interior finishes while the permit was delayed.  Then we would have everything ready to go so if like in the case of the framing something was ahead of schedule we could take advantage.

Steve often goes after work to check out the progress.  You get a good idea of what your view will be now that the windows are all framed for the main floor.  The deck is roughed in and I can see many mornings out there with my tea.  We hope to be out there a lot this summer to enjoy the property.

We are considering getting a play structure for the kids and/or a trampoline and may take an inflatable pool out there so they can swim.  There is the port a potty on site now so if you need a restroom you can go.  I do not really like the port a potty but in a pinch it will do.  Steve has purchased a shed and a John Deere riding mower.  He now mows the lawn every other week or so.  It is a lot of grass and takes a few hours.  So far the novelty of the riding mower makes it fun.

We have pictures and will try to get Steve to post some.  We also have a camera on site that takes pictures every few minutes and soon there will be live video on site to keep an eye on things and for security.  So we will be able to look at what is going on anytime.  Steve may be a bit distracted at work watching the live feed.

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