Things are moving along

The framing is almost done and the walls and roof are going up.  It is fun to see how much things change with our weekly or biweekly visits to the site.  We have just finished picking out all the plumbing fixtures.  Toilets, sinks, faucets, shower heads, and a bathtub are all selected.  The plumber has come and started putting pipes in too.

Later this week we are finally going to start looking at interior elevations.  We know we want hardwood floors through most the house and I would like to go with greys and blues for cabinets and counters.  I am sure our architect has a plan in his head I hope that it is not way off of what I have in my head.  I have gotten several samples of paint, tile, and flooring.  By the end of next month the windows should be in and house should be wrapped up for the winter.  Maybe we will have a sleepover there once it is closed up.  We should be moving in in just under a year.

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