The progress so far

We now have the waterproof shield up on the house along with all the doors and windows.  They are currently running heaters in the house to dry out the house before insulation and drywall.  The electrical wires are almost all in and the plumbing piping and heat ducts are in.

We were hoping that the house would be complete and ready to move in by late May or early June.   Today at the site meeting we were told that is is looking more likely to be mid July at this point.  When we first submitted the permits the finish date was projected to be by February or March.  Then the permit process was delayed by a few months and here we are now.

Today we went over plumbing fixtures.  I have been told the tub I have selected will not work and was shown an alternate tub.  It is one that I sat in and while it looks pretty it was not comfy.  Was very narrow and as I am not a narrow girl it felt uncomfortable.  I find this frustrating because if the tub is not comfortable it will not be used.  I was looking forward to a tub that I could actually fill high enough to cover me and have a back that was inclined at an angle to relax in with out kinking your neck.  I now have to go to another project the architects worked on to sit in the tub to see.  I am pretty sure it is the same as the one I sat in at the show room and did not like.

This is causing much frustration and stress for us because we want to sell the home we are now living in and be closed and done with it when the new one is finished.  I am thinking we may have to pack a bunch of stuff up and put it in storage for a few months to have the house less cluttered and more open house ready in the next few months.  Then we will have to hope that we put it on the market at the right time.  Houses in this area tend to sell very quickly in a week or two.  Which means we could be out a month or two after we list.  This would then put us in a short term rental which is hard to find or very expensive.

Add to all these things a horse show I will be at for just over a week in January in Arizona then 2 shows in Vegas one in March and one in April and that is about a month when I will not be home to get things sorted.  Packing and moving was much easier before kids.  I am going to gather as much as I can this week for the donation truck coming to pick up on the weekend.

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