Where we are now

So the siding is now going up and the insulation is going in.  We have not be able to go in the house for a few weeks.  They are doing some spray insulation and the fumes need time to dissipate. It is taking a bit longer than expected because they can not spray around the light cans per the manufacture even though it says different on packaging.  There is a concern that it could overheat and cause a fire.  This would be very unlikely with the led lights we will be using because they do not generate that much heat..   The wood and stone siding have started on the outside and the roof is being put on.  This is making it easier to imagine what the finished house will look like.

Also because it wouldn’t be fun if everything went smooth we now have drainage problems.  The drainage system the county said we had to put in is not working.  This is not a surprise to the builder or architect both of whom told the county that this would happen when the submitted our plans with 2 different options.  The neighbours beside us who have been very nice now have a flooded area in their yard because of the drainage system failure.  We are unable to do anything without the county approval.  The first chat with the county we were told that we put the required system in and that was it.  We think since then the neighbours have complained to the county so now they are meeting with our builder and architect on our site to see what is happening and find a solution.  I am glad we will be able to fix it but not happy that we spent money on the required system and will now have to pay for another system that will likely be one of the ones we proposed in our permit application.  I am assuming that the county will not be refunding us even though the concerns were brought up.

We have now selected flooring, kitchen cabinets, and kitchen counter tops.  We are working on the backsplash.  We are also closing in on the wall colours.  I gave Dave all the samples that I liked and he is working from there.  Steve and I both agreed on the flooring right away which was the first thing we picked it is hickory.  The cabinets are a dark stain and the counters are a very light gray.

The last move in date we got was for mid July I am hoping that is still the case even though the insulation is taking a bit longer than expected.  If it does work out we will be starting the BBQ’s in August.

We are getting our current house ready to go on the market by getting rid of stuff we don’t need/want.  The kids have been great they have given away over 5 boxes of toys from their playroom.  We have the donation truck coming on the 27th so I should be able to get a lot of other stuff together by then.  I am hoping once we have it on the market it sells fast so I don’t have to worry about the kids messing up everything for the showings.  Of course that would also mean we would end up somewhere for a short time before we move into the new house.  I think we may end up somewhere else for a bit while they paint and replace carpet because it would be to smelly.  Not sure what we will do with the cat during that time.

One day I will try and get Steve to add some photos so you can see all the stuff I am rambling about.

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