Almost at the finish line

We are almost at the end of this journey and in our new home.  In a little over 3 weeks the 3 plus years of planning, editing, and making decisions will be complete.  It seems so close yet there is still so much to do and still a few things that could really mess things up.

The cabinets are almost all installed and they look amazing.  There will be so much storage everywhere.  The walls are painted and the colours are great.  Peaceful and relaxing with the exception of the girls who chose teal and purple for accents in their rooms.  The floors are a beautiful warm walnut colour.  I just want to start moving our books onto the library shelves.  I want to put my mixer on its popout stand but that all has to wait.

I am sure all the waiting and many hours and stress will be worth it when we are sitting on our deck enjoy the peaceful sound of nature with drinks and some snacks.  Maybe even after the kids go to bed we can enjoy some time outside cuddling to keep warm under the starts with no other homes in sight.  Our kids will be able to run out their door into their own playground and get lots of outside time without ever having to drive anywhere.  We may become kind of like hermits.

Steve has told me he wants to start doing a Sunday dinner maybe once a month.  I think it is a great idea but warn my cooking skills are few.  I hope to take some classes now that I will have an amazing kitchen to cook in.  I plan on having game nights, cocktail parties, bbq’s, and family fun days.  It should be a place we can really enjoy and share with others.  Next year on July 1st come on over for Canada Day celebrations.  I will be sure to have lots of Canadian treats on hand.

This journey has been long and often times frustrating but it is starting to seem worth it.  It has also seemed to move painstakingly slow at times.  Right now seems to be one of those times.  For now it is just deep breaths knowing the wait will all be over soon.

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