We Are Moved In

We have been in our new home for just over a year now.  We had our one year walk through and there are a few minor things that need to be addressed.  Overall the house turned out how we wanted.  There are 2 minor things that are not how I would like that can not be changed.

One is that the cupboards in the library are too shallow for us to put our board games in so we have to put them on the shelves.  The shelves are quite full with all our books.  We are considering have something built to go behind the sofa in the living room that we can tuck them into.

The second is that in my office the drawers are too narrow for me to hang files.  They are about a quarter of an inch too narrow so I have to put all the files in the drawers in the library that are the right size.  I was going to use the office for all of our paper work and it sucks to have to take papers back and forth.

Neither of these is huge just minor annoyances for me.

We have also added a jacuzzi and deck just a short distance from the house and a fire pit.  Both have paths to them from the deck of the house.  The fire pit is farther away and we have enjoyed making smores on more than one occasion.

After we moved in the first few months there seemed to be at least one day every week when a random person would be there finishing or fixing something.  Soon that will happen again when they fix the minor cracks and things that happened with settling.  The biggest thing I think is our heated floor in the bathroom stopped working so we have to wait for a person who has a special device to see through to the wiring to see where it may of disconnected int he floor.  Only one person in area with it apparently.  This is preferable to tearing out the whole floor.  I am hoping it is at an edge maybe by the door so we don’t have to take to much out to fix it.

We have really enjoyed the house last year in the spring and summer.  Steve hosted many BBQ’s for his coworkers.  Ainsley also had a birthday party at home and they hung on deck and played on playset and trampoline.

The space and being surrounded by trees is very relaxing as is the sound of the rain on the metal roof.  The pond has cranes, eagles, hawks, ducks, catfish and bullfrogs.  I do not enjoy the bullfrogs and am worried based on how many babies there were last year this spring we will be over run.  We took several egg balls out of the pond last year but there were still a ton of them.  My oldest wanted to catch them and release them somewhere but they are considered an invasive species so that will not happen.  Too bad the birds did not like to eat them. We also frequently have deer in the yard.  They have grown somewhat used to us so in the summer they would get fairly close.  We do not feed them (except for the landscaping plants they seem to like) so we keep our distance from each other but they are relaxed if we are deck and they are 10 or so feet away drinking from pond.  We do feed the catfish and the ducks (fish food and duck food).

I am not sure I would ever want to build a house again.  It was a long and stressful process.  If we did at least I know which things I like now and which things I would want to change.  I think Steve would do it again without flinching.

For now I am looking forward to spring and summer.  There will BBq’s, fires, and jacuzzi time.

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