A new adventure

We used this blog to document our adventure to China (’06-’09) and building our dream home (’15-’17) and now I have a new adventure to document.

A few months ago a friend from work had a mild heart attack. He came through it fine (or at least as far as I know) but it scared the fuck out of me. I’m getting older. There’s no getting around that, at least not yet. I will be 50 in a little over two years. I have an amazing family, my dream home on 5 acres, I work for a world class company with the best team anyone could ask for. I don’t want to die. I could give you all kinds of selfless reasons, but honestly I’m just scared to die. And I’m having too much fun to miss out.

I’m a futurist at heart. And although Stuart will tell you the world is about to end. I believe that we are at the dawn of the next great renaissance and I want to live to see it. And not just be alive. But be able to fully participate. I believe medical breakthroughs in the next 50 years will be able to eliminate most forms of disease and maybe even reverse a lot of aging. But I need to live long enough to benefits from that. Who knows maybe I will want to retire on Mars with Elon.

So. I’ve signed up for a program called 20/20 Lifestyles. It is a medically based diet, exercise and lifestyle management program. Microsoft offers free gym membership at one of the most amazing facilities I’ve seen. This program is run through that gym and is significantly subsidized by our medical insurance, which is also world class. So it would be stupid to not take advantage of these opportunities.

It is an intensive 16 week program with a 12 week follow up that consists of:

  • 3 sixty minutes work-out sessions per week
  • 1 sixty minute group workshop per week
  • 1 thirty minute dietician appointment per week

I’ve completed the paperwork and my orientation starts tomorrow, diet and workouts start Monday.

A big part of the program is tracking weight, measurements, % of fat, exercise, sleep, activity and food so I bought a new fitness tracker and I will be sharing all of that here.

I currently weight 212 pounds. At my best health I weighed 170 and could play ultimate for hours. My ideal weight is 165 so it will be a long journey. But I’m mentally prepared and have the support of my wife and colleagues.

There you have it. Not pretty but it’s what I have to work with. I hope to write a post everyday with how things are going. And will include everything I’m tracking, including photos, which hopefully will get more flattering soon :(.

My goals are to lose 47 pounds, go from eating for pleasure to eating for health and get back to playing ultimate. I just bought a new bike and will be moving to a closer office so I hope to be able to start biking to work once the weather turns a bit better.

If you’ve done 20/20 or something similar I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “A new adventure

  1. Go get it!
    recognize that the scale is a reflection of how you did in the last days and that it should never be a total surprise (you know what choices you made). Don’t get caught up in the small plateaus you hit for sure – celebrate the big picture. And it’s about how you will live the rest of your life – not the next xx weeks.
    Cheering you on!

  2. Nice work Steve! I retired from Ultimate a couple of years back. For years I counted on it to keep me fit, but I only had time to fit it in once or twice per week and that really wasn’t enough. When I finally gave it up I decided to focus on fitness rather than sports and now about a 2 years later I feel great and I can see the difference. I track my weight, but I find the regular selfies as you’re doing here to be my main motivation.

    Keep it up my friend! I know you can do it.

  3. Great idea Steve. Totally doable. You can always plan regular weekend trips to downtown Vancouver for the ultimate walk/jog along the seawall.

  4. Boy this sounds familiar. I really should be doing the same thing. You’re inspiring me Steve. I know just writing this down in your blog is a serious step to sort of make yourself deliverable. I’ll be following and maybe I’ll take this up myself this year (just turned 50).

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