Day 30 — 1st Month done!

Had an uneventful weekend. Mostly stayed at home. Weather wasn’t great so didn’t get out much. No workouts this weekend. But was fairly active Sunday, including finally getting around to assembling by new plug aerator and feeder spreader. So I’m ready to tackle the lawn next time it’s nice out for a few days.

This will be the first year I aerate the lawn and fertilizer. I’m planning on doing a little A/B testing by leaving some of the lawn alone, only aerating some, only fertilizing some and doing both to some. The lawn isn’t very uniform so it won’t be a perfect experiment.

I’m also planning on building a garden as soon as the weather gets better. Hoping I can grow all of the carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, radishes, lettuce that I’m eating. Not sure how practical this will be, but should we a fun experiment.

I’ve started going to Costco once a week to get bulk vegetables, fruit, and chicken. Basically trying to get whatever I can there as they seem cheaper and better quality.

Hoping for some more nice weather this week so I can bike to work a few more times.

Day 28 — Sun!!!

The weather finally turned this week in Seattle. Had great workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Jessi. Rode my bike to work Wednesday and then walked to the gym from my office, so got in 15,000 steps that day.  Probably overdid it a bit on Wednesday as was a bit sore Thursday. My dietician is out today so my next dietician appointment and weigh-in won’t be until next Friday.

Everything is going well with the diet and exercise program. Feeling good, higher energy, sleeping better, and fewer pains. Now that the weather is getting nicer I’m hoping to be able to get out and do more bike rides, hikes and eventually get back to playing ultimate.

I finally got around to editing my pictures from the horse show. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t turn out that good as I’m not skilled enough yet for indoor, action shots. Here are two that I liked the best. The first one is Zoe and Alexa waiting for their final scores in Trail. IMG_0563.jpg

And the second one is a picture of Alexa’s sister Haley. She wasn’t at all happy that I took her picture, but I think it really turned out.


I bought a new Telephoto lens that I’m hoping will help with indoor photography. It is a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens. I will probably take Zoe to the NSBA Championship show in Tulsa, OK this summer so looking forward to getting to try it there.

Day 24 — Down 13 pounds!

Had my official weigh-in today at my dietician appointment and I’m officially down 13 pounds in the last 24 days. I’m tracking ahead of target for week three by 4.7 lbs, but also did my official weigh-in this week today, rather than Friday.


I still can’t figure out why this graph is so blurry and difficult to read. I will try to fix this for next week. Anyways, I broke a personal milestone this week on my home scale today.


I haven’t been below 200 pounds in a long time, so it was nice to break through that barrier. One of the benefits I am hoping for from this is the ability to get back out and start playing Ultimate Frisbee this summer. With cardio improvements, strength training, and weight loss I’m looking forward to being able to hold my own soon. Once I’m down to 185 I’ll give it a go so probably another 5-6 weeks or so. Ultimate can be tough on the ankles and for my shins, so I don’t want to start playing until I get my weight down a bit more, to avoid injuring myself.

I started Stage 4 of the diet which introduces all fruits back in, but unfortunately, we skipped Stage 3 for now, which is cheese. I was really looking forward to cheese. Love me some cheese. But I guess that will have to wait.

Day 22 — Jackpot

Nope, still didn’t win a jackpot in Vegas, but Zoe did. She came second in Level 1 13 & Under Trail with a score of 220.5. She made one mistake early in her pattern but like a champ powered through the rest of the pattern without a mistake and ended up second by .5 points. She came second to the same girls from her class yesterday, so again she got the $150 jackpot because the other girl didn’t register for the jackpot. She also won two pair of boots and two trophies.

I only got 9,000 steps today, but did my 7 minute workout every nights, so proud of that. Had protein shake and strawberries for breakfast, grilled ham/chicken and carrots for lunch and a ham omelette with egg whites with strawberries for dinner.

We leave tomorrow. So far so good.

Day 21 — Jackpot!

No I didn’t win a jackpot in Vegas. But Zoe did. She finished 2nd in Level 1 Youth Western Riding. It was a jackpot class which means first place wins a cash prize. Fortunately the girl that one first place didn’t register for the jackpot. So Zoe won $150. She will use $100 to buy jeans she wants and we will put $50 towards expenses.

Manage to just get 10,000 steps and did my 7 minute workout just before bed.

Had leftover salad for lunch and a ham omlette with egg whites for dinner. So pretty good on the diet front.

The weather was much better today so spent about 90 minutes at the pool listening to the end of Turtles All The Way Down. Great book.

Day 20 — In the desert

First day in Las Vegas. Had two Caesar Salads with no parmesan, no croutons and dressing on the side. Went to Whole Foods and got some protein shakes, fruit and carrots. So I should be good to stay pretty close to the diet. Was a little light on protein today, but will fix that tomorrow.

I did over 20,000 steps and got in an 8 minute workout. Should be able to get more steps tomorrow and hoping to get to the gym for a workout.

We tried to go to the pool, but was too cold and windy. Hopefully will heat up.

Zoe shows Western Riding tomorrow around 4pm and Trail around 1pm Saturday.

Day 19 – Missed a few :(

I got a bit busy at work and missed a few posts. But not much new going on so I didn’t miss much. Leave tomorrow for Las Vegas with Zoe for the AQHA Novice Championships. Will be my first big test of the diet and exercise away from home. Took a bunch of protein bars and packages of almonds for snacks and will have to improvise the rest. Brought my work-out clothes and runners and will try to get to the gym every day. Should be no problem getting in enough steps as there is almost always a lot of walking at horse shows.

I had a workout with Jessi Monday and today. We have moved to the free weight gym where everything is just a little bit harder and the people are just a little bit buff. Went out for dinner with Chris for the first time to a restaurant that wasn’t Proclub. I had a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, no parmesan cheese, no crouton and light on the dressing. I love croutons and parmesan cheese. But was pretty good. Had a Chinese chicken salad for lunch.

I lived in China and I never had a Chinese Chicken Salad in China. So I think it is basically like fortune cookies.

Will blog daily from Las Vegas. I’m taking my camera so hopefully, I can post some pictures of Zoe riding as well.



Day 16 — Chop, shop & PowerPoint

More shopping and more chopping to get ready for next week. Actually only have enough for 2 days max. But I’m off to Las Vegas Thursday so might be ok.

Rained so didn’t get much exercise today only about 6,200 steps. Had to go in to the office today to prep for an executive review next week. So spend a bit of time editing a document and re-working slides. Also did laundry.

Lunch (Grilled Canadian Bacon, berries & vegetables)

I was supposed to assemble the new aerator and fertilizer spreader I bought for my lawn tractor so I can sue them as soon as the lawn dries out a bit. But couldn’t get motivated enough to dig into that. Maybe after I get back from last Vegas.

Zoe and Chris we’re in Del Mar at a horseshow. Zoe won two circuit championships and got two belt buckles in Western Riding on Ellen.

I won’t have an official weigh-in this week as I will be away. Am hoping to be able to stick to the diet while in Vegas and get some exercise. Maybe they will let be muck stalls.

Dinner (Grilled Chicken Breast & Vegetables)

Day 15 — Rain, Rain, Go Away :(

Still more rain. I looking forward to three months of sun like we got last summer so I can get outside and get some exercise. I have a lot of yard work to do and a fancy new electric bike that I would love to be riding.

However, none of that is happening as it just keeps raining everyday.

Seattle rainfall in 2018, by month

Not sure why this graph turned out so clear and my weight tracker was so crappy.

Had left-over chicken from yesterday for lunch and then made some more chicken breast in parchment bags for dinner and have some that I can have tomorrow for lunch. I guess eventually I will need to learn to cook something new. But so far chicken has turned out the best. Also had three strips of bacon for breakfast.

No workout today. Will do the high intensity workout tomorrow night. Need to do some shopping and chopping again tomorrow to stock up on vegetables and berries for next week.

I’m going to Vegas for four days starting Thursday with Zoe so that will be a bit of a challenge with the diet, but will try to take some stuff and find healthy things to eat. Will be a good test.

Day 14 — Down 9.4 lbs

Had my official weigh-in for week two today and was down an additional 3.2 lbs, so total loss so far is 9.4 lbs. My target for week two was 5.5 lbs so I am 3.7 lbs ahead of plan.


I’m not sure why but the graph is a little hard to read. For some reason WordPress doesn’t want me to insert high-res images. Anyways the blue dots are my actual weight loss and the orange dots are targets. Higher is more weight loss.

My weigh-in was part of my weekly dietitian meeting. I will stay on stage two for another week. The overall program is 16 weeks plus 10 weeks follow-up. So she wanted to make sure we didn’t move through the diet stages too quickly. Next stage will add high-protein dairy, but for this week I’m still on meat protein, berries and vegetables.

After my dietitian appointment I had a workout with Jessi and we moved downstairs to the free weight area. Was a lot harder workout and I guess she isn’t taking it easy on me anymore.


I made chicken breasts using the parchment bags I bought last week again. Just put some lemon juice, salt, pepper, onion flakes and Italian seasonings and a lemon on them and then cooked them in the bag for about 20 minutes in the oven at 425°F. They turned out really good. Probably the best thing I’ve cooked so far. I bought a whole bag of frozen chicken breasts at Costco last weekend and I used those.