Day 3 — Back to work

It was my first day back to work since I started. I was not very prepared in the food department so I missed a protein shake mid-day. I bought a mini-blender so I can make shakes at work going forward and will remember to bring a pre-made drinks from Costco until then.

I had my first group counseling session last night. There are ten sessions and you do them once a week. Most of the people in my group where on weeks 5-9. The topic was alcohol which for me won’t be a huge issue as I hardly drink and not drinking won’t be a problem.

I also had my first personal training session, or at least I was supposed to. However, I got the wrong time and showed up an hour late. It was supposed to be 7am. Getting there for 8am was difficult enough that I don’t think 7am will work long term. Maybe I would have gotten used to it, I’m not sure. Anyway, I moved my workouts to 11am M/W/F. Now that I work on main campus it’s only 5 minutes from work.

Felt pretty good today even though I didn’t eat as much mid-day. I managed to reduce sodium so that was good. I stayed at the gym and worked out myself so I also felt good about that. Had a bit of a headache when I went to bed, but not as bad as day 2.

One thought on “Day 3 — Back to work

  1. Make sure to track your water intake. Unless your program calls for something different shoot for triple digits in ounces per day. And post challenges for people at 3pm to report their daily ounces. Gets most of us up to guzzle down another 30 ounces to hit the mark.

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