Day 4 — In a routine

Today was a regular day. No 20/20 appointments. I also planned food for at work a bit better, so I was less hungry and could stick to the diet more closely. I had cooked chicken for three servings on Sunday, so I took Chicken for lunch today and had a protein shake from Costco that I bought on the weekend.

Wasn’t at all hungry, nor did I really have any cravings. This hasn’t been much of an issue for me so far, even though we have a lot of junk food at home and I home alone for the past few days. There is also a lot of junk food at work right beside my desk, but the few times I have noticed it I just didn’t feel any urge to snack.

I made two servings of steak tonight for the next few days. I reviewed my diet numbers for the last few days. Mostly right on track, a little high on sodium the first few days as I had Turkey Sausage and Ham for lunch and dinner. But now that I have chicken and steak to mix in with those I should be OK.

I will have my first official workout tomorrow with my personal trainer. Her name is Jessi and I’m looking forward to meeting her. Hopefully she goes a bit easy on me the first few workouts. I’ve been trying to take the stairs whenever I can, which is a lot easier now that we are on the 3rd floor and not the 25th floor.

So far the hardest part of the diet has been drinking enough water. I’m not sure how I am supposed to drink 64 oz. of water a day, right now more like 40-50 oz. but trying to keep a water bottle on hand so I can drink as much as possible.

I haven’t provided any updates on weight in these daily posts as I plan to only post my official weight and numbers from my check-ins at the ProClub. So that will be Friday afternoon this week.

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