Day 6 — Down 6.2 lbs.

I had my first weigh-in one day early and lost 6.2lbs the first week. My initial weight was 214, so I’m down to 208 and my target is 170. So I have 38 lbs to go over 17 weeks. My goal is to get to my target weight in phase 1 (first 18 weeks) and then use phase two (last 10 weeks) to make sure I can sustain that weight.

This makes my target 2.4 lbs per weeks. So first week I’m slightly ahead of pace by 3.8 lbs.

My weigh-in was part of my second dietician appointment. Starting Saturday I will transition to the week 2 diet which drops a lunch-time shake and adds 3 servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner.

In preparation I spent most of tonight prepping chicken and vegetables for the weekend and next week. I cooked the chicken in parchment bags which I remember Chris used to do. I marinaded them in a low fat herb and garlic marinade and then put a lemon slice in the bag. Seems to have worked well, will no for sure at dinner tomorrow night.

I also cooked asparagus in the oven with a drizzle of oil, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest and a bit if salt. I’m a little more sceptical about these as I have never cooked asparagus before.

And finwlly I chopped up a bunch of cucumbers, carrots, celery and radishes. Looking forward to done crunchiness in the diet starting Saturday.

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