Day 8 — To the movies

Very rainy almost all day so didn’t get a chance to go for a bike ride and didn’t get many steps in today, only 4958.

In order to help on the fitness front I’ve decided to start doing a 7 minutes high intensity workout every night after I put the girls to bed. I tried this last year around this time but just didn’t stick to it for more then a few days.

I did the first one tonight it is 13 thirty second exercises with ten second rests between. This doesn’t add up to 7 minutes so a bit of false advertising. It was super tiring. The workout was plank, left plank, pushups, pushup and rotation, step up onto chair, jumping jacks, right plank, abdominal crunch, wall sit, squats, tricep dips, high stepping and lunges. Had a bit of trouble with the pushups and tricep dips.

Today was my first day with vegetables. For lunch I had Prawn Fradiavolo at Proclub and Grill Chicken with cut up vegetables for dinner. We took Ainsley to the Proclub for an orientation so she can go to the gym. She has been asking since she turned 8, which is the minimum age there.

I also went to a movie today. There is a lot of junk food at the movie theater but I managed to avoid all of it and just had water.

Feeling good still and looking forward to next week.

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