Day 15 — Rain, Rain, Go Away :(

Still more rain. I looking forward to three months of sun like we got last summer so I can get outside and get some exercise. I have a lot of yard work to do and a fancy new electric bike that I would love to be riding.

However, none of that is happening as it just keeps raining everyday.

Seattle rainfall in 2018, by month

Not sure why this graph turned out so clear and my weight tracker was so crappy.

Had left-over chicken from yesterday for lunch and then made some more chicken breast in parchment bags for dinner and have some that I can have tomorrow for lunch. I guess eventually I will need to learn to cook something new. But so far chicken has turned out the best. Also had three strips of bacon for breakfast.

No workout today. Will do the high intensity workout tomorrow night. Need to do some shopping and chopping again tomorrow to stock up on vegetables and berries for next week.

I’m going to Vegas for four days starting Thursday with Zoe so that will be a bit of a challenge with the diet, but will try to take some stuff and find healthy things to eat. Will be a good test.

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