Day 16 — Chop, shop & PowerPoint

More shopping and more chopping to get ready for next week. Actually only have enough for 2 days max. But I’m off to Las Vegas Thursday so might be ok.

Rained so didn’t get much exercise today only about 6,200 steps. Had to go in to the office today to prep for an executive review next week. So spend a bit of time editing a document and re-working slides. Also did laundry.

Lunch (Grilled Canadian Bacon, berries & vegetables)

I was supposed to assemble the new aerator and fertilizer spreader I bought for my lawn tractor so I can sue them as soon as the lawn dries out a bit. But couldn’t get motivated enough to dig into that. Maybe after I get back from last Vegas.

Zoe and Chris we’re in Del Mar at a horseshow. Zoe won two circuit championships and got two belt buckles in Western Riding on Ellen.

I won’t have an official weigh-in this week as I will be away. Am hoping to be able to stick to the diet while in Vegas and get some exercise. Maybe they will let be muck stalls.

Dinner (Grilled Chicken Breast & Vegetables)

One thought on “Day 16 — Chop, shop & PowerPoint

  1. Congrats to Zoe :). All the best for keeping up the 20-20 in Vegas, please keep posting. Heidi and I are both following your updates daily. Heidi loves them too :).
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