Day 19 – Missed a few :(

I got a bit busy at work and missed a few posts. But not much new going on so I didn’t miss much. Leave tomorrow for Las Vegas with Zoe for the AQHA Novice Championships. Will be my first big test of the diet and exercise away from home. Took a bunch of protein bars and packages of almonds for snacks and will have to improvise the rest. Brought my work-out clothes and runners and will try to get to the gym every day. Should be no problem getting in enough steps as there is almost always a lot of walking at horse shows.

I had a workout with Jessi Monday and today. We have moved to the free weight gym where everything is just a little bit harder and the people are just a little bit buff. Went out for dinner with Chris for the first time to a restaurant that wasn’t Proclub. I had a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken, no parmesan cheese, no crouton and light on the dressing. I love croutons and parmesan cheese. But was pretty good. Had a Chinese chicken salad for lunch.

I lived in China and I never had a Chinese Chicken Salad in China. So I think it is basically like fortune cookies.

Will blog daily from Las Vegas. I’m taking my camera so hopefully, I can post some pictures of Zoe riding as well.



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