Day 22 — Jackpot

Nope, still didn’t win a jackpot in Vegas, but Zoe did. She came second in Level 1 13 & Under Trail with a score of 220.5. She made one mistake early in her pattern but like a champ powered through the rest of the pattern without a mistake and ended up second by .5 points. She came second to the same girls from her class yesterday, so again she got the $150 jackpot because the other girl didn’t register for the jackpot. She also won two pair of boots and two trophies.

I only got 9,000 steps today, but did my 7 minute workout every nights, so proud of that. Had protein shake and strawberries for breakfast, grilled ham/chicken and carrots for lunch and a ham omelette with egg whites with strawberries for dinner.

We leave tomorrow. So far so good.

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