Day 24 — Down 13 pounds!

Had my official weigh-in today at my dietician appointment and I’m officially down 13 pounds in the last 24 days. I’m tracking ahead of target for week three by 4.7 lbs, but also did my official weigh-in this week today, rather than Friday.


I still can’t figure out why this graph is so blurry and difficult to read. I will try to fix this for next week. Anyways, I broke a personal milestone this week on my home scale today.


I haven’t been below 200 pounds in a long time, so it was nice to break through that barrier. One of the benefits I am hoping for from this is the ability to get back out and start playing Ultimate Frisbee this summer. With cardio improvements, strength training, and weight loss I’m looking forward to being able to hold my own soon. Once I’m down to 185 I’ll give it a go so probably another 5-6 weeks or so. Ultimate can be tough on the ankles and for my shins, so I don’t want to start playing until I get my weight down a bit more, to avoid injuring myself.

I started Stage 4 of the diet which introduces all fruits back in, but unfortunately, we skipped Stage 3 for now, which is cheese. I was really looking forward to cheese. Love me some cheese. But I guess that will have to wait.

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