Day 30 — 1st Month done!

Had an uneventful weekend. Mostly stayed at home. Weather wasn’t great so didn’t get out much. No workouts this weekend. But was fairly active Sunday, including finally getting around to assembling by new plug aerator and feeder spreader. So I’m ready to tackle the lawn next time it’s nice out for a few days.

This will be the first year I aerate the lawn and fertilizer. I’m planning on doing a little A/B testing by leaving some of the lawn alone, only aerating some, only fertilizing some and doing both to some. The lawn isn’t very uniform so it won’t be a perfect experiment.

I’m also planning on building a garden as soon as the weather gets better. Hoping I can grow all of the carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, radishes, lettuce that I’m eating. Not sure how practical this will be, but should we a fun experiment.

I’ve started going to Costco once a week to get bulk vegetables, fruit, and chicken. Basically trying to get whatever I can there as they seem cheaper and better quality.

Hoping for some more nice weather this week so I can bike to work a few more times.

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