Day 49 — Down 3.4 lbs

I had my dietician appointment today. She was away last week, so this was first official weigh-in in the last two weeks. I was down 3.4 pounds which is the same amount as at the last two-week weigh-in, so roughly 1.7 lbs per-week over the last 4 weeks. My target is 2.75 lbs per week over the first 16 weeks of the program. I lost a lot more at the beginning so I am still technical “on track” having lost 19.8 lbs versus my target loss of 19.3. However, at the current rate of weight loss, I will fall below my target next week.

I will focus on getting more daily steps over the next week. I think I have been averaging about 12-13,000 on work-out days, but closer to 6,500 on non-workout days. I will also try to drink more water, which I think is down quite a bit over the last few weeks.

I added phase 3 (“low-fat cheese/yogurt”) to my diet this week, we skipped phase 3 a few weeks back and added phase 4 (“fruit”) so now I’m still on phase 4, but including cheese. We talked a lot at my appointment about the relationship between the three main macronutrients fat, carbohydrates and protein, and how it is important to eat either protein or fat with carbohydrates. I’ve been struggling a bit with this, especially at snacks.

Carbohydrates are converted very quickly to glucose that can be burned by the body for nearly instant energy but only last a short time, less the 2 hours. However, they can create a large amount of energy in the short time. Proteins are slower to convert to glucose, create less total energy and take longer to be consumed, closer to 4 hours. Fats convert very slowly to glucose, don’t create much energy and take around 6 hours to be consumed.

So it is important to have a balance of either fat or protein with carbohydrates in order to stabilize the blood sugar level into flatter peaks and valleys. This will also be a focus for this week.

Gotta run to the gym! Thanks for reading and for all of the encouragement both online and off. Especially from my amazing wife!

Day 43 — Still here

Just checking in. Not much new to report at this point. I didn’t have a Dietician appointment this week so no weigh-in. I have my five week doctor’s check-in next week and a Dietician appointment on Thursday so should have some results to report then.

Diet is going fine. With maybe a small exception of something that snuck in through a sauce or restaurant meal I haven’t eaten a single thing off diet in 43 days. No refined sugar, no grains or rice, no dairy, no processed food and no fried foods.

I looking forward to getting cheese added back into my diet (hopefully this week) and maybe rice, but still not sure about whether I will ever add wheat.

The hardest part for me has been tracking restaurant meals as I usually have to replace or eliminate many ingredients which makes it super hard to track. Also not doing very good with water. But will work on that this week.

Really enjoying the spring weather and have gotten a lot of work done around the yard to get ready for patio, BBQ and bonfires. Kinda bummed that my tractor is in the shop as I really need to cut the lawn and I am eager to aerate and fertilize asap, hopefully next week.

Day 35 — Week 5 weigh-in and measurements

I had my official week 5 weigh-in yesterday and did my updated measurements, which I will do every 5 weeks. On the weight front, I am down 3.4 pounds over the last 10 days. So I have lost a total of 16.4 pounds, versus my target loss 13.8. My original BMI was 31.6 and now it is down to 28.9, which is just slightly below obese. Nice to have broken that barrier even though it is a small first step.


My original and updated measurements are:

Neck: 16″ vs 14.75″ (-1.25″)
Chest: 43.5″ vs 41.75″ (-1.75″)
Waist: 42.5″ vs 38.75″ (-3.75″)
Hips: 44″ vs 41.5″ (-2.5″)
Biceps: 13.75″ vs 12″ (-1.75″)
Thighs: 24″ vs 23″ (-1″)

My blood pressure when I started was 135 over 71 and is now 115 over 57.

All around good progress on getting my body fat down, weight and blood pressure. I’m planning on holding off on getting any new clothes until I reach my target weight. Fortunately, we are heading into summer weather and I can start wearing shorts.

Everything else is going great. Feeling good. Sleeping good.


Day 32 — Switching food tracking apps

The 20/20 Lifestyles program has a custom app for tracking food, exercise, water and sleep. However, it is really, really bad. Poor UI design. Slow. Crashes a lot. Doesn’t connect with Garmin devices. Just all round poor decision to try to build a custom app. My trainer uses an app called MyFitnessPal so I thought I would give that a try to see if it was any better. After using it for only one day I can say it is definitely better. UI is snappy, lots of foods in it’s inventory, including all of the 20/20 foods and it connects with my Garmin devices.

Now I just need to convince my dietician that it’s a good idea for me to switch to use that app. I can definitely see myself using this new app well after the program finishes, but can’t get away from the 20/20 app fast enough.

Not much to update on other fronts. Diet is going well. Exercise is going well. Getting steps in, need to drink more water.

I have my next dietician appointment and weigh-in Thursday.