Day 32 — Switching food tracking apps

The 20/20 Lifestyles program has a custom app for tracking food, exercise, water and sleep. However, it is really, really bad. Poor UI design. Slow. Crashes a lot. Doesn’t connect with Garmin devices. Just all round poor decision to try to build a custom app. My trainer uses an app called MyFitnessPal so I thought I would give that a try to see if it was any better. After using it for only one day I can say it is definitely better. UI is snappy, lots of foods in it’s inventory, including all of the 20/20 foods and it connects with my Garmin devices.

Now I just need to convince my dietician that it’s a good idea for me to switch to use that app. I can definitely see myself using this new app well after the program finishes, but can’t get away from the 20/20 app fast enough.

Not much to update on other fronts. Diet is going well. Exercise is going well. Getting steps in, need to drink more water.

I have my next dietician appointment and weigh-in Thursday.

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