Day 35 — Week 5 weigh-in and measurements

I had my official week 5 weigh-in yesterday and did my updated measurements, which I will do every 5 weeks. On the weight front, I am down 3.4 pounds over the last 10 days. So I have lost a total of 16.4 pounds, versus my target loss 13.8. My original BMI was 31.6 and now it is down to 28.9, which is just slightly below obese. Nice to have broken that barrier even though it is a small first step.


My original and updated measurements are:

Neck: 16″ vs 14.75″ (-1.25″)
Chest: 43.5″ vs 41.75″ (-1.75″)
Waist: 42.5″ vs 38.75″ (-3.75″)
Hips: 44″ vs 41.5″ (-2.5″)
Biceps: 13.75″ vs 12″ (-1.75″)
Thighs: 24″ vs 23″ (-1″)

My blood pressure when I started was 135 over 71 and is now 115 over 57.

All around good progress on getting my body fat down, weight and blood pressure. I’m planning on holding off on getting any new clothes until I reach my target weight. Fortunately, we are heading into summer weather and I can start wearing shorts.

Everything else is going great. Feeling good. Sleeping good.


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