Day 140 — Down 7 lbs.

I hadn’t had a dietician appointment for nearly three weeks and so haven’t had an official weigh-in in three weeks.  After having been away from home for 7 days at a horse show in Tulsa, OK I was pretty sure I would have gained a few pounds.

Instead I had lost an additional 7 lbs since my last weigh-in. So I was pretty happy about that.  It was really hard to stay on schedule and diet while away. I also didn’t get in any real workouts and struggled to get 10k steps most days. I guess the heat helped.

I’ve official been in phase two for almost three weeks, so about 9 weeks left. I will use this time to lose a bit more fat and tune my diet and workout schedule to maintain this weight.

Today was also my first workout back since being away so was super tired.  But managed to get a personal record on the 1,500 meter row.

Zoe has been away most of the summer and I think has only spent about six days home all break. So it is nice to have everyone back at home for the next two weeks before school starts.

Zoe was at back to back shows in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. OKC was her first trip to Youth Worlds where she had a number of great rides in very deep and competitive classes. She got a fourth in Western Pleasure, a seventh in Trail and didn’t place in Western Riding.

Last week we were in Tulsa at the NSBA Worlds where she was fourth Western Riding, a sixth in Western Pleasure and didn’t place in Trail. All the classes were deep and competitive, much more so then last year.

We also got to meet our first baby out of our breeding program.  Her name is Ruthie and she was in the yearling auction but failed to sell. So we will send her to a new facility in OKC where they will start her training in December.  Zoe is excited she didn’t sell and looking forward to getting to ride her in the futurities next summer.  We will have to see about that.

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