Day 270 — Maintenance and lifestyle changes

Having posted for awhile so wanted to give a quick update.

It has been almost exactly 9 months since I first started 20/20. The first six months I was active in the program and the last three months I have been on my own.

I started 270 days ago weighing 214 pounds and currently fluctuate between 155 & 158. I’ve largely maintained that range for the last three months. Through multiple trips and multiple holidays. Feeling pretty proud of that.

I go to the gym twice a week with the same personal trainer I had throughout the program. I also try to get as many steps in as possible at work since it’s dark by the time I get home. I can usually do most of my 1:1’s walking when the weather holds up and on those days I’m getting around 20k steps. Otherwise I’m doing no additional exercise.

I stopped tracking food after the program ended but use the intuition on calories and macro-nutrients that I built up during the program to try to stick to plan. Every morning that I’m home I have a protein shake and almost every week I make a batch of chili for lunch during the week. And I make fruit and vegetable snacks plus a protein bar for my 3pm snack. That takes care of about 2/3 of my calories and the rest is dinner.

I’ve found managing portion size and staying away from large meals at restaurants, plus never eating from the package has basically been sufficient to maintain my current weight.

I’m so glad I started this last spring when work was a little slower, now that I am managing a large team again having the extra energy is really helpful and I don’t think I could have as easily found the time to do 20/20.

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