Day 140 — Down 7 lbs.

I hadn’t had a dietician appointment for nearly three weeks and so haven’t had an official weigh-in in three weeks.  After having been away from home for 7 days at a horse show in Tulsa, OK I was pretty sure I would have gained a few pounds.

Instead I had lost an additional 7 lbs since my last weigh-in. So I was pretty happy about that.  It was really hard to stay on schedule and diet while away. I also didn’t get in any real workouts and struggled to get 10k steps most days. I guess the heat helped.

I’ve official been in phase two for almost three weeks, so about 9 weeks left. I will use this time to lose a bit more fat and tune my diet and workout schedule to maintain this weight.

Today was also my first workout back since being away so was super tired.  But managed to get a personal record on the 1,500 meter row.

Zoe has been away most of the summer and I think has only spent about six days home all break. So it is nice to have everyone back at home for the next two weeks before school starts.

Zoe was at back to back shows in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. OKC was her first trip to Youth Worlds where she had a number of great rides in very deep and competitive classes. She got a fourth in Western Pleasure, a seventh in Trail and didn’t place in Western Riding.

Last week we were in Tulsa at the NSBA Worlds where she was fourth Western Riding, a sixth in Western Pleasure and didn’t place in Trail. All the classes were deep and competitive, much more so then last year.

We also got to meet our first baby out of our breeding program.  Her name is Ruthie and she was in the yearling auction but failed to sell. So we will send her to a new facility in OKC where they will start her training in December.  Zoe is excited she didn’t sell and looking forward to getting to ride her in the futurities next summer.  We will have to see about that.

Day 84 — Down 32.8 lbs & 19″

Haven’t updated in a few weeks so have a bunch of things to cover. I was in Vancouver over the weekend getting my hair done.


Last summer I wanted to do something different and always wanted to try blue hair. Worked out well, so I figured I would make it a tradition.

After Vancouver, I flew to Las Vegas to participate in the World Series of Poker for the first time with a good friend from work. We both played in the $1,500 no-limit texas hold ’em event starting on Monday, it was supposed to be a three-day event, but we both got knocked out the first day. So instead I played in eight single table tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $125 to $275. Here is how I did:

$125 – chopped with two people ($360)
$125 – didn’t finish in the money
$175 – chopped with one person ($1,000)
$175 – didn’t finish in the money
$275 – chopped with one person ($1,230)
$125 – chopped with one person ($600)
$125 – didn’t finish in the money

So total I cashed in 50% of the single table tournaments. Total buy-in was $1,125 and I ended up winning $3,190 for a net profit of $2,065. The big tournament was an additional $1,500 and I lost a last longer bet with Scott for an additional $100. So total for the week I was up $465, minus hotel and airfare. So not too bad. If I was to go back I think I would just play in the single table tournaments.

On the 20/20 front, I have new measurements from two weeks ago (week 10) and a new weigh-in this week with my dietician.

My original and updated measurements are:

Neck: 16″ vs 14.25″ (-1.75″)
Chest: 43.5″ vs 40.50″ (-3.00″)
Waist: 42.5″ vs 37.00″ (-5.50″)
Hips: 44″ vs 39.5″ (-4.50″)
Biceps: 13.75″ vs 11.5″ (-2.25″)
Thighs: 24″ vs 22″ (-2.00″)

So total I have lost 19″. I had planned on only buying new clothes after I had reached my target weight, but almost none of my pants, shorts or bathing suits fit me anymore, so I had to break down and buy a few pairs of shorts and pants. I was wearing size 37/38 pants before I started and ended up buying one pair of 34 and one pair of 32 jeans and shorts. The 32 are a bit tight and the 34s are a bit loose, but I’m thinking the 32s should fit pretty good by the time I’m done.

My blood pressure when I started the program was 135 over 71 and is now 110 over 50. And I have lost a total of 32.8 lbs, 5.2 lbs in the last two weeks. I’m still tracking slightly above my targeted weight loss per week and on an aggregate basis. I have four weeks left in phase one and I hope to lose approximately another 10 lbs which will get me very close to my target weight. Then I will use the 10 weeks of phase two in order to figure out how to maintain that weight over the long term.

The garden seems to be coming along fairly slowly. Only a few of the plants have sprouted leaves and it looks like a deer walked through it and crushed some of the plants. Good news is I remember that we have two large huckleberry bushes in the backyard so I picked a bowl of huckleberries last night.

Chris, Zoe, and Ainsley are in Palm Desert for Zoe’s horseback training until Sunday and then Chris and Ainsley will fly home, and Zoe will stay on in Palm Desert and drive with Mark and Keith to Las Vegas for the EMO/Celebration Circuit show next week. Chris will meet her there and I have Ainsley at home all next week.

Hannah, our Au Pair, finished her year here this week and is traveling around the US with her friend Sarina for the next month and then will fly home to Germany. I can’t believe that it has already been a year, seems to have gone by even fast than normal. Next month Melanie will arrive on July 12th from Germany and we will start the process again.

In August Zoe has two big shows, the first is the AQHA Youth Worlds Show in Oklahoma City, this will be her first time attending the Youth Worlds Show and she is super excited. Then she will go to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the NSBA Worlds Show with Ainsley, Melanie and I.

Day 28 — Sun!!!

The weather finally turned this week in Seattle. Had great workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Jessi. Rode my bike to work Wednesday and then walked to the gym from my office, so got in 15,000 steps that day.  Probably overdid it a bit on Wednesday as was a bit sore Thursday. My dietician is out today so my next dietician appointment and weigh-in won’t be until next Friday.

Everything is going well with the diet and exercise program. Feeling good, higher energy, sleeping better, and fewer pains. Now that the weather is getting nicer I’m hoping to be able to get out and do more bike rides, hikes and eventually get back to playing ultimate.

I finally got around to editing my pictures from the horse show. Unfortunately, most of them didn’t turn out that good as I’m not skilled enough yet for indoor, action shots. Here are two that I liked the best. The first one is Zoe and Alexa waiting for their final scores in Trail. IMG_0563.jpg

And the second one is a picture of Alexa’s sister Haley. She wasn’t at all happy that I took her picture, but I think it really turned out.


I bought a new Telephoto lens that I’m hoping will help with indoor photography. It is a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens. I will probably take Zoe to the NSBA Championship show in Tulsa, OK this summer so looking forward to getting to try it there.

Day 22 — Jackpot

Nope, still didn’t win a jackpot in Vegas, but Zoe did. She came second in Level 1 13 & Under Trail with a score of 220.5. She made one mistake early in her pattern but like a champ powered through the rest of the pattern without a mistake and ended up second by .5 points. She came second to the same girls from her class yesterday, so again she got the $150 jackpot because the other girl didn’t register for the jackpot. She also won two pair of boots and two trophies.

I only got 9,000 steps today, but did my 7 minute workout every nights, so proud of that. Had protein shake and strawberries for breakfast, grilled ham/chicken and carrots for lunch and a ham omelette with egg whites with strawberries for dinner.

We leave tomorrow. So far so good.

Day 20 — In the desert

First day in Las Vegas. Had two Caesar Salads with no parmesan, no croutons and dressing on the side. Went to Whole Foods and got some protein shakes, fruit and carrots. So I should be good to stay pretty close to the diet. Was a little light on protein today, but will fix that tomorrow.

I did over 20,000 steps and got in an 8 minute workout. Should be able to get more steps tomorrow and hoping to get to the gym for a workout.

We tried to go to the pool, but was too cold and windy. Hopefully will heat up.

Zoe shows Western Riding tomorrow around 4pm and Trail around 1pm Saturday.