Finally another post

I know I don’t post very often on here so to the one or two people who read this sorry.

Today Zoe went back to school. The class was full of kids she didn’t know. There were about 10 instead of the 4 or 5 she is used to and of the 10 at least 4 were crying. She did not want to stay there. Her friend Tiger was not there yet and none of the kids were the ones from last year. Tiger was coming so she should be fine once he gets there.

Zoe calls her friend Tiger her boyfriend. Last week when Steve was late coming home she was crying saying she wanted daddy and Tiger. One day I will take the camera to school to get a pic of them together. Tiger is also fond of Zoe as is his mom. Zoe really likes his mom too and often gets very excited to see her. She has even tried to go home with them a couple times. I would of let her if there was a carseat for her. LOL

Tomorrow Steve and I will of been married 8 years (we have now been together for 19). He will be leaving early tomorrow morning for an offsite though so we will not be spending it together. This is an annual thing and he had the same one last year on our anniversary. He is coming back Thursday instead of Sunday though so that will be nice. By then I should be really tired of hearing Zoe ask where’s Daddy and saying I want Daddy.

We will be coming to Redmond on the 15th then up to Vancouver on the 21st and staying until the 6th of October. Steve will be going to a conference on the 29th and back on October 4th. We hope to get lots of fun and visiting in on the trip.

I think that everyone except maybe Rebecca who was just here will notice a bit of a change in Zoe she is thinning out a bit and speaking more clearly. Or maybe I am just getting better at understanding her. She is also much more active and coordinated. I am thinking about getting her first haircut when we are in Redmond. Steve and I have been disagreeing on when to cut her hair. So far I have won but it is getting a little crazy now so a trim may help it and make it less fine.

Well that is it for now. No promises when then next ramble will be but maybe now that Zoe is in school and I have a laptop I will get to this more frequently.

Long time no post…..

Ok so it has been awhile since I posted anything. Zoe has been improving vastly on her language skills and often comes out with some of the cutest things when you least expect it. It also means you really have to watch what she hears on tv, music wise, and from us. She is also improving her other skills such as stair climbing which she often insists she can do alone.

Right now we have our niece Rebecca here for a visit and Zoe has been in heaven. She loves playing with Rebecca and is always asking where she is if she can’t see her. It is great having someone for Zoe to play with when you want to have a shower or do something else too. Steve and I may even go out one night and leave her with her cousin.

I have been doing some touring with Rebecca and yesterday all of us went on a tourist attraction spree. Zoe did very well and was not mobbed too badly. When Rebecca and I were at the wall she had some ask to have their picture taken with her so it even effects older kids. I will write another blog about some of our sightseeing adventures or this will get too long.

The temperature here has been in the mid to upper 30’s high 80’s – 90’s which is really hot. I have done suprisingly well in the heat when I have been out in it. Zoe seems to have inherited her fathers tolerance for the hot weather and does well. She won’t always wear her hat but seems to really enjoy it when her and I sunblock up together before going out. I don’t want to find out if she is like her dad in that she doesn’t really burn. I am going to just assume she is like me and needs to bath in sunblock before going out. Since Rebecca has arrived the smog has not been too bad which means you can see the blue sky. It also means the temperature goes up. The smog does make it a few degrees cooler.

Well there are a few stories I have to share and I will post them over the next week or so. It will give you a reason to check back and something to look forward to. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and that we will ge to visit in the fall.

Way to go Zoe

Sunday out of the blue Zoe counted all the way to 9. She won’t repeat this now that we want her too but it was great to hear. She also spends a lot of time singing. She likes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mr. Golden Sun, and Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes. She will often say a line from each song and make up her own. She has started to add the Itsy Bitsy Spider into the mix now too.

Yesterday Zoe was home from school sick. She had a fever but is fine today. She actually napped yesterday for the first time in a long time so she was up at 7am and ready to go. She has been sleeping in until 8:30 or 9. This meant she was at school by 8:30 when it starts. We usally go around 9 as it doesn’t really matter if you are there right on time and the kids trickle in at various times.

Oh and an update on what our plans will be when we are done with our time in China. We have been talking about what we are going to do. Where we want to go live and that kind of stuff. It is now almost 99% settled that we will be going back to the US after our time here. When the exact date will be we don’t know. The 2 years is up next year but it is unlikely that we will be leaving right on the 2 year anniversary. There will be many things at work for Steve that will factor in when he will leave his current position and we will move back. I think it is fair to say we will be back by Christmas 2008.

Also we are not going to be able to come back this summer as we had hoped we are now planning on coming back in September and early October. We should be there for 3 to 4 weeks with Steve working part of the time so we will be in the US for 1 or 2 of those weeks. I really wanted to come back this summer but we used up some of our holiday time in the New Year and want to be sure we have some at Christmas when we may go to Hong Kong. My reunion is in September that is why we are coming back then not in July. Hope everyone has a great summer see you all in the fall.

Childrens Day activites

On Thursday evening we went to the MS event Steve’s group had. It was at night which seemed an odd time to have something for kids. Turns out that was because it was at the aquarium and only people from Steve’s group (there are a lot) were admitted. Zoe had a good time and was given lots fo chips and snacks by the people sitting around us. She also got a wand that has led lights in it and blinks. There was some singing and speakers then there was a seal and dolphin show. Zoe really loved the seals and the dolphins. Although she lost interest int he dolphins half way through. Watching the show it reminded me of the Vancouver Aquarium when I was a kid and they used to have shows.

The seal show was short they caught some rings, jumped out of the water, and clapped. There were some other things too they were quiet funny. The dolphins did jumping, spinning, talking, pulled a little girl from the audiance in an inflatable raft around the pool, and several tricks with one of the trainers in the water with them. It was neat to see but I am sure there are some who think it is not something that should go on. Anyway on to the other stuff.

There was also a lot of food. We ate fast as Zoe was getting tired it was 8 or so by then past her bedtime of 7 or 7:30. She wouldn’t pose for pictures with any of Steve’s co-workers who wanted to get a pic with her. She enjoyed looking at the fish though and because most people where still eating while we walked around there were no other people. She also coloured on an olympic logo they had out on the floor for all the kids to write on. She would of coloured the whole thing if we had let her. She was getting tired so we left. We did buy her a purse that looks like Nemo before leaving at the gift shop though.

The other Children’s day event we went to was Saturday and was at our clubhouse. It was put on by Zoe’s school. They had a lucky draw and we won the biggest prize of a free summer camp session. Zoe enjoyed the face painitng, storytime, arts and crafts, and bouncy castle. Her friend from school Tiger was there and gave her a pencil he also gave her a kiss and hug later in the day. It was a lot of fun and they had food that was pretty good too.

Children’s day was on June 1st I believe. There are many activities and sales on in department stores to celebrate it. I think Zoe had a good time at the events she attended. Zoe is still loving school and looks forward to going. I don’t look forward to walking to the clubhouse to get her though because the weather is soooo hot and humid. I try most days to get her to sit in her stroller so we don’t have a long slow walk home. Also because about a quarter of the way home she will decide that she wants you to carry her and she is heavy. She is also usually very hot and sweaty so it is a very unpleasant trip home if you have to carry her all the way.

Well that is most the stuff we have been up to. Oh I did go and play Mahjong it is interesting there are a lot of things to remember and a lot of strategy involved. I even purchased my own set of tiles this weekend so now I can play whenever I want. I am not sure if you can play with two people or not because then Steve and I could play.

Zoe loves school

Zoe has been in school for just over a week. She is still the only full time student so has much of her time spent one on one with the teacher. Or one on 2 or more with the other teachers and assistants playing with her too. She now just gives me a quick hug and kiss goodbye and runs into her class.

I have been told when people come to check out the school with their kids Zoe takes the kids by the hand and shows them around where everything is. Which I must assume is adorable. The teachers all love her and say she is a very well behaved little girl. They also say she is very helpful.

On Friday she even let one of the teachers help her and she went to the bathroom in the potty. The school has miniture toilets for the kids. They are very cute and Zoe loves them so maybe they will help potty training along. She also loves washing her hands and does that several times a day. Anything to do with water and she is there.

As for me I am having less trouble trying to find ways to occupy my time while she is in school. I have my chinese lessons 1 1/2 hours twice a week and try to review it daily during the week for about an hour or so. I have done some reorganizing and decluttering. I even manged to get to the gym. Maybe this week I will work in a spa visit for a massage. I do have a coffee group, mahjong group, and my chinese lessons already on the calendar so it will be a full week.

Zoe is getting so grown up

Today Zoe said she didn’t want to go to school and cried a bit at home. I gave her some fruit snacks to eat while we walked there and she seemed happy enough. When we got there she sat on my lap for a minute while I helped her put her indoor shoes on for school then gave me a quick kiss and hug and ran into class. This is a huge change from the tears and crying of yesterdy. It made me a little sad that she didn’t mind me leaving. I am sure time will fly and before I know she will be off for summer break and I will be wishing she was back in school some of the time.

I know it is a good thing that we have managed so far to raise an independent, confident and curious little girl. I think today was way harder on me. I think over the next few weeks we will be seeing a lot more changes in Zoe as she gets exposed to more kids and activites to stimulate her. Right now she spends most of her day painting and playing with water. She loves pouring water, washing her hands, and squirting the window. The class allows kids to do the things that intrest them there is story time, snack time and a couple of structured things but for the most part she is free to do whatever intrests her.

I am sure we will have a house full of paintings in no time. I will save a few near the end of the school year and bring them back when we come so I can give them to anyone who would like one. Maybe she will decide to be an artist one day.

As for me I don’t really know what to do with myself. I have decided today will be my relax day so we will see how that goes. Maybe I will have a nap and then go get a massage or a manicure and pedicure today. It is cooler than yesterday so walking to the clubhouse won’t be so hellish. It was super hot yesterday it is cloudy/smoggy today and cooler. Still tshirt weather though.

Tomorrow is my Chinese lesson then I want to organize the kitchen cupboards a bit they are a mess. I also want to go through Zoe’s toys and clothes and weed some of them out while she is not here. And I want to get Steve’s shelves in his den a little more organized so I can take some of the stuff from the playroom shelves up there. Probably won’t get all that done tomorrow but over the next couple weeks should be able to manage it.

You will probably see a lot more blogging now that I will have the time on my hands.

Zoe’s first days of school

Well after a long wait Zoe has finally started school. She started last week on Tuesday. I went with her that day and we hung out with her teacher for about 3 hours. It was a kind of open house day. Zoe was the only kid there. Wednesday Steve and I dropped her off together and I snuck out before him so I didn’t have to see her crying. I picked her up at around 12:30. She again was the only kid. Thursday there was an 18 month old named Alexa for her to play with and Steve took her and picked her up that day. Zoe said Alexa was too small to play with. On Friday Steve again took Zoe because I was not up to seeing her cry. I went to get her at 1pm and she was napping and looking adorable so they called me at 2 when she woke up and I went to get her. There had been a little boy there that day for her to play with.

Today (Monday) I took her in and said I would be back to get her in awhile and we would go look at the goldfish in the pond. She said ok and her lip was trembling and the tears started flowing. She did say ok though and went to her teacher for a hug. I then went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 45 mins to get rid of some of the stress and tension I had about leaving her. In the end I think school will be great for her and me. She loves the activites like painting, and cleaning the dishes. And this week when the other kids starts to come it will be much more fun for her.

Well I am going to go and pick her up it is now 2pm and I have been antsy to get her since about 12:30. So it is up to the school then off to the fish pond for me.