It is moving along

Our foundation is coming along.  Next week the first lumber drop will happen and framing will begin.  It is estimated that the framing will take 2 1/2 to 3 months.  By fall we should have the framing done and the house sealed up in time for the bad weather.

We are also now starting to make decisions on finishes.  We met with the architects and decided on exterior materials and colours.  The builder will be getting some samples together in the next couple weeks for us to look at.  We are going to start deciding on the interior finishes and all the appliances soon as well.  Next week we are meeting with the architect to go over the lighting details for the house.  The following week Steve will be meeting about the wiring.  I will be in California and hope he does not go too crazy with all the wiring and tech in the house.

We have been taking pictures of the construction as it happens and Steve should put some photos up soon. So far the building has been going well.

In other property news Steve has bought a John Deere rider mower and spent the weekend mowing the lawn.  It also has a little wheel barrow type thing you can tow on the back.  Steve is loving riding the mower right now I am not sure if it will wear off at some point but for now he is having a great time mowing the lawn.

Hitch in the permit process

Well we have run into a hitch with the final person needed to approve the permits for building.  At this point a letter has been drafted to his supervisor hoping to help move things along.  We submitted the permits back in August and he has had them since October. Hopefully by the end of this week we will have some kind of answers.

This is very frustrating when we have been waiting and ready to go.  Right now all the buildings are down but the foundations are still in place.  The job trailer is on site and we all are waiting.

Time to Knock some buildings down

Well this Thursday we finally get to knock down some buildings.  We have a demolition permit so we are going to start.  We will be going to watch it start and take some photos.  Steve is hoping to get to take the first whack at the buildings.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that there is no rain that morning so we can watch comfortably from a distance.  I plan to sit in my Adirondack chair with my tea and watch them fall.  Steve is also setting a camera up that will take pictures at intervals so we can track the progress of the house.  At the end of the process he can make a high speed video showing it all come together.

This time next year we should be at the finishing stages.  We are now 2 months behind when we thought our start date would be so finish has gone from January 2016 to probably March 2016.  We will have to have a big house warming when we get in.  Zoe will likely be 11 and Ainsley will be 6 when we move in.  It seems like it is so far away right now.  I am thinking once we start going it will at times seem like it is moving super fast.  Especially when we have to make final decisions on things like flooring, cabinets, doors, and everything else.

Also sorry to all that will likely see lots of posts about my house progress this year but it will be the huge thing going on for us.  That and Zoe with horse shows. Oh also our niece Danielle getting married.  Weill be a busy and fun year.

There has been a person out sick for two weeks so things have been slowed down while people took up slack at the office.  Hopefully they are well soon.

I have hoping that by the time we are back from AZ all the permits are in place and the excavation can start or has started.

2015 the Year we start building

Our architects met in person with the final person who needs to approve our permits.  We have not heard back about how it went.  Maybe it was so bad they are waiting to tell us so we can enjoy the last day of 2014.  Or perhaps they required a human sacrifice and the Dave will never be heard from again.  We have a demolition permit now but are waiting because we can not demo the foundations just the buildings.  Fingers crossed everything is set to go next month before we leave for Arizona.  Steve would be very disappointed not to be able to take a whack at the building.

We will start our site meetings on Tuesdays in the New Year as well.  Hopefully things will start moving along without too many problems once the final approval is given.  After tomorrow night we can say our house will be ready next year.  I am guessing maybe May 2016.  Maybe we should start a pool and people can guess when they think it will be done.

We have been going to the property to check on it.  The pond has almost overflowed and Steve has been unclogging the out pipe.  Our trees have fared very in all the wind.  There has been hardly and branches down and most have not been that big.  The pond is crystal clear right now but all the fish are hunkered down in the mud at the bottom.

So in the New Year there should be more updates and some photos of all the fun of building our home.

Landscaping draft plans

We have a first set of draft landscaping plans based on the great work of Mark at Project Ground Work. We started working with Mark about a month ago and he will be helping with landscape design and project management.

As Chris mentioned in the last post we are planning on phasing the landscape execution. Phase one will include all of the work to rebuild the pond and to landscape the driveway and front of the house. Phase two will be to put in the formal & kitchen gardens as part of building out the extension building for Chris’ craft cabin and my office/work shop. The final phase will be to bring the outer edge of the property back to its original natural state.


Mark Graff – Project Groundwork

Waiting Again

Well the permits have now been submitted and we are once again waiting for approval, edits, or rejection.  We have met with a landscape architect to discuss the gardens and pond.  We are going to completely change the look of the pond.  The current broken concrete slab wall around it is not pretty and is starting to collapse.  We may not have to completely drain it, which is good news for all of the catfish living in the pond.  It is going to be a big project and I am really nervous about the cost that will be involved.  Maybe Steve will have to sell a kidney I would but I am already down one. lol

I also told the architect of the house and the landscape guy which tree was my favourite on the property.  I am quite concerned about the huge maple tree that will be very close to the house.  I think I may lose it.  Good news the small Japanese Maple in front of the house currently on the property can be relocated easily.  I am trying to save as many of the trees on the property as possible.  Most of the large trees will be staying a few of the small ones will be relocated.  We have a few that are not looking good or were planted way too close together so they will be coming out.  I think we will be able to use the wood for our fire pit and maybe use some for mulch for the other garden areas.  I will be less upset about them coming down if we can use the tree for something else and don’t just huck it.  it will also save us some money on materials.

We are also now having to think more about the materials we want for the house.  I am considering reclaimed wood for the floors.  The outside I am thinking about maybe metal or something that will be easy to maintain.  We will have mostly hard surface floors in the house with carpet only likely in areas above the garage.

I am looking forward to Spring 2016 which is the likely finish date for this home.  The craft cabin/man cave and quiet garden will be phased in after.  We are also considering a play set, sports court, and trampoline to go in the yard but they are not high on the list at the moment.  I think after the house and the pond it will be awhile for us to get the other stuff done.

The landscape architect found this critter in the trees.


Craft Cabin/Man Cave

We have finished the design and gotten the estimated budget for this out building. After meeting with architect and the builder and seeing the cost I think they have a different vision than I do.

My vision is of a a space that is very utilitarian with durable but inexpensive storage and work surfaces. I was picturing storage like you see in schools and an Ikea type kitchen. They were thinking custom cabinets and kitchen similar but a bit lower in quality than the main house. I went online to research the type of cabinetry I would like and found exactly what I was thinking online. It is a site that sells school furniture and they seem to sell to the public as well so that is awesome. I also went to the Ikea website and saw kitchen stuff I liked. I found science tables that could be pushed together to make the size of work surface I wanted for an island type thing. This would also be handy because I could move and reconfigure them if I wanted too. They would also be heat resistant and durable. All of the stuff I wanted came out to about %20 of their estimated cost maybe a bit less for cabinetry.

I am not sure they will be happy with my thoughts or wants but I am the person who this space is for so I think I should get the most input as to what and how it is configured.

The cost of this undertaking with the house and this building is higher than we were expecting and will stretch our budget greatly. We would not want to build a great house and put lower finishes in it so it will be harder to cut corners and save money on the house but I definitely think I have some ideas that will work to cut a good chunk out of the other building. Now I just have to get everyone else on board with me.

Wish me luck on this. We are getting close to the permitting stage and are now working on when and what to start building. We may start with the outbuilding then move to the house. Then we will be able to enjoy our property sooner as there will be a bathroom and Steve and I will be able to use our areas for meetings, fun, and work.