post from September vacation

Vacation/Reunion September 2007

After getting sick on the flight in to San Fransico it took us a week to get adjusted to the time change. I just made it to the washroom at the airport and I lost it all over the stall. I feel bad for whoever had to clean that up and anyone who had to peek in there. Steve let me sleep once we arrived in Seattle and I felt better by Saturday morning. Zoe spent the week getting up at 1 or 2am and staying up for 4 or 5 hours then going back to sleep for a few more. She slept about 10 hours a day but in very broken up segments. This was hard for us to get sleep because we had to be up with her. I tried to let Steve sleep longer because he had to work this week. We are now waiting in the slowest customs line of the border. It is taking us a long time the other lanes have 7 or 8 cars go before one is done in our lane. I am hoping that we don’t get held up because it is almost 8 and it will be hard to keep Zoe awake until we get to the hotel so she will maybe sleep for the night. Fingers crossed because I have told Steve he can go to poker tonight. Well time to put this away because there are only a few cars ahead of us and I am going to be optimistic.

Goodbye clean air

Well our time in Vancouver is over tomorow we head back to Beijing. I have enjoyed breathing the clean air even the rain and the cooler weather. We manged to get in lots of visiting. Sorry for those we missed maybe we will be able to get you in September when we are back.

The trip started off bumpy as I was ill and Zoe was not adjusting to the time change so it was a rough first three days. We did eventually get in lots of shopping and visiting though. I managed to drink a large volume of Chai Tea at Starbucks. When I get back to Beijing I will go back to ice tea at Starbucks.

Our problem tomorrow will be fitting everything into our suitcases to go home. We may have to zip across the road and get a duffel bag or something. I will be taking my new MacBook on the plane with me. Steve bought it for me when he was in the US and I love it already. Maybe I will even type up another blog entry for everyone on the 11 hour flight tomorrow.

Oh and the Macbeth Bed & Breakfast is open and taking reservations. OK there will be no breakfast but you may be able to scrounge something in our kitchen or we can point you to the bagel place. So if you always thought you would like to visit China you now have a place to stay. You will even have daily cleaning and laundry service Monday – Friday. (our Ayi/housekeeper not me)

Hong Kong Disneyland

Well a good time was had by all. Zoe loved the characters and kept wanting to go back and see them. She was thrilled to meet Buzz, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Goofy, Pluto, Marie (from the Aristocats), and Chip and Dale. Chip and Dale were practically mauling her the first time we visited them and that didn’t throw her at all. Many people there also wanted Zoe’s picture and she didn’t mind most of the time. She did not like it when people wanted to pick her up and/or pose with her though.

We went to a character dinner at the hotel and she kept yelling “Mickey, Mickey me my turn now”. She really liked the character dinner too. She did tell goofy to go away and get mickey at one point though. The characters circulated a bit unevenly and Minnie never made it to our table so we found her and got a quick photo before leaving. Zoe said thank you and good bye to all the characters.

As for the rides she went on all of the ones she could and loved everyone of them. The last time we went on Poohs Adventure ride there was a long line even with the fast pass and Zoe kept saying again as we were exiting. Unfortunatley that was our last day and everyone was too worn out to go through the line again including her. We went and had a nice swim instead at the hotel.

Zoe also loved the pool at the hotel and walked around in the shallow end. They also gave her a lifejacket to wear but if it started to make her float she didn’t like it and wanted you to carry her back to the shallow water. She would not take it off though. Yesterday Steve took her down the waterslide several times in a row. She had a blast. She also loved the shower that they had on the way into the pool and we had to drag her out of it when we were leaving.

We spent Wednesday in Hong Kong well a place called Kowloon actually (I may have spelt it wrong) at a big mall. We also walked around a bit on a shopping street with lots of small stores and a huge HMV were there were so many cd’s I wanted I didn’t get any because I couldn’t choose one. Zoe Steve and I all did buy new sneakers though from the New Balance store at the mall.

I will post more on some of the things we did and try to get some pics up in the next couple days. Hope everyone had a good week.

One Hour in Bangkok

Ok so we are here for about 2 hours. But I have the song One Night in Bangkok in my head right now. We are done with our vacation and are currently in the lounge (we flew buisiness class) having snacks and drinks waiting for our flight to Beijing. It was a good trip no sunburns Zoe has a scrapped up knee but other than that everyone is unharmed. Flying business has been great but now it will suck even more to go in economy. We are thinking of going to Paris this October and coming back here next February.

Zoe’s favourite part was definately the elephants followed by swimming and playing in the playroom. I went to the spa last night and had a lurlur scrub and foot massage that was awsome. Steve liked swimming with Zoe because he was enjoying the view of people in bikinis. Although there were a few that should of had on a bit more. Like the lady who was in her 50’s the same size as me and wearing a bikini that looked at least one size too small. She was with a young girl who had a gstring bikini on that Steve enjoyed.

There were a lot of families and older people. It is not an exciting place for people who want to party and club as everything closes early so there were not a lot of teens or early 20 somethings out and about. All and all it was a great vacation for us.

Final Day in Phuket

Well it is our last day here. I started the day being sick so I had to cancel my spa time. It is 4:30 now and I am feeling better so I may try to get in this evening. I have a cupon for the spa so I want to use it. Zoe and Steve went swimming this morning it will be Zoe’s last one she really loves the pool here. We are thinking of coming back next year during the Chinese New Year. Our bus comes to pick us up and take us to the airport at 5am tomorrow so I don’t think we will be staying up too late tonight. We hope everyone has enjoyed reading about our vacation and looking at our pictures.

Other things going on: Zoe’s school will not open on the 5th now it looks like it will be April before she starts school. The workers were not able to finish everything before they were off for the New Year holiday (for 4 weeks) so they are now back and finishing things up. This also means that I will have to take Zoe with me to pick up her birthday present or we will have to go on Sunday and do it. That is all for now.

Our venture into town

Well we went into Phuket Town today. It was of course hot but the smell of dog poop was not expected. We only saw one dog that looked pretty mangey. I am guessing there are a lot and people don’t pick up after them based on the smell. I am sure the heat doesn’t help either. We didn’t buy any souviners. We did buy some stuff for a wood doll house that we are going to get Zoe at some point. She has been playing with the one in the clubhouse here a lot. The stuff was on sale and we can easily slip it in our suitcase. Steve had a nice suit and shirt made they are bringing it to our hotel tomorrow evening for him to have a fitting.

Tonight we dined by the ocean in the steak and seafood resturant. It would of been very romantic with the sunset and ocean breeze but Zoe was a bit of a pistol at dinner so it was a quick gulping of our steak then back to the room. She still refuses to wear her sandals. She got a shovel and pail and beach ball today so tomorrow she can play with those. I am sure she will be wearing her mocisans in the sand once again. Maybe we will even spot the elephant that walks up and down the beach twice a day.

I still have not discovered the hammocks location and think I may have been bamboozled by some slick marketing team into beleiving I could have a relaxing nap swinging in the breeze. I have not searched by the adult only pool so it could be hiding there.

We hope everyone is well and have enjoyed reading about and seeing our vacation photos.

Oh and happy 5th birthday to Aiden. Your train cake looked super cool I hope you had a great day. (I know it is late but I have had no acess to the net until today this week)

Day Three in Phuket, Thailand

Well it is Tuesday. So far the hammock has still eluded me and we have searched quite far and wide. The only area we haven’t gone in is the area around the adult only pool.
Today we went on an Elephant trek and saw a monkey get coconuts from a tree. We also got to sit on the back of a water buffalo then go for a cart ride. We have pictures. Zoe loved it all she really liked when they did the baby elephant presentation and they kicked a soccer ball and danced. She kept clapping and saying more dancing.

Zoe has also been loving the pools. The kid’s pool had a great area she can walk around in and splash and a slide that she goes down with Steve. Today we went to the blue pool and it had a waterfall that she liked touching and going through. She doesn’t like walking on the pavement, grass or sand in bare feet. We haven’t really spent any time at the beach. The sand is really hot except where the water is coming up. We did take Zoe down and dip her feet in which she liked but as soon as her feet touched sand she freaked out. She now wants to wear her moccasins instead of her sandals all the time.

They also have a great kids club here were Zoe can play and they have 2 activities a day. So far she has done some painting and gone on a treasure hunt. Most the things seem to be paint related for her age group. I am guessing because it is an easy thing for them all to do.

Tomorrow we are going to have a car take us into town so we can do a little shopping and site seeing. We are going to check out the tailor where you can get 3 suits (2 and a dress for women), 2 dress shirts/blouses, a reversible kimono, belt and tie/scarf all for $188 US including material and labour. I am curious about it. They say they can have everything done in 24hours too and will deliver it to your hotel for you. There are also a couple of jewelry shops and a big souvenir and craft place I hope to check out. Our hotel is 45 minutes from town which is nice most of the time. It would be good to have a few more restaurant options available.

Day One in Phuket

Well our little princess is sleeping now. We had breakfast, she went swimming with daddy, painted a sand turtle (sand and glued formed into a turtle shape), played in the play area, had a snack and then napped. It is really hot and humid with a nice breeze off the Andaman Ocean.

Our room is nice and faces a little lagoon with a fountain. We have a little deck with a lounge chair, a small table and two other chairs. We also have a little nook that has a couple of floor mats facing a window looking out into the area with the water it is a nice place to lay and read or nap. I have taken to calling it the nap nook. There are lots of paths through here and so far the hammock I saw in the pictures on the website and in the brochure have eluded me. I will keep searching though.

Zoe was thrilled yesterday when we arrived they gave her a little stuffed turtle. Steve and I got a mojito kind of drink without alcohol and a flower lei. The flowers were really pretty but mine made my allergies flare up so they ended up on our little patio.
I also saw a small lizard on the patio today. I took a picture of it so we will see how it turns out later.

Well Zoe should be waking soon then we are off for lunch by the pool and this afternoon a treasure hunt at the kids club.

Thailand here we come

Well we are leaving in about an hour for the airport to go to Thailand. Zoe and Steve are still sleeping because it is 6am. I have been up since 2. I will be going to get in the shower after this. We are very excited and a little nervous about this trip. It will be a new thing to take a vacation with a toddler. We aren’t sure how much relaxation there will be. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting adventure for us. We hope to see turtles and elephants and will take lots of pictures.

Also to let everyone know we had Zoe’s birthday cake on Thursday when we had friends over. They have 3 daughters the youngest is I think 4. Her and Zoe had a great time together they were walking around holding hands. Zoe was also very excited to show them all her toys and they enjoyed watching Toy Story with her. As I said before she had a Buzz Lightyear cake. I kind of messed it up a bit when I took it out of the box. The word birthday got smudged off so I just put the candle in that spot. Steve took a few pictures and hopefully will post them when we get back.

I may try to post on vacation because we will have the computer and internet acces at the hotel. So be sure to check in this week. Of course I may be having too much fun to find the time.